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Hód-Tomato is reaping a bountiful harvest of healthy tomatoes with the Flexi-Grow Toplight

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calendar Hungary
calendar 1,5 hectares
calendar 2021

The customer

Hód-Tomato Kft. is a Hungarian company who supplies vitamin-rich and delicious vegetables to the most popular retail chains in Hungary. In their modern greenhouses they are using the space-saving, fast and economical hydroponics system to grow the seedlings, which are producing their tasty crops.

The production (that is close to 4000 tons annually) is happening mainly in the Southern Great Plain region of Hungary. The company’s portfolio includes various vegetables like juicy tomatoes, delicious peppers and cucumbers, which are all essential ingredients of the Hungarian cuisine.

The expectations

Prior to the project with Food Autonomy, Hód-Tomato Kft. haven’t applied any artificial lighting in their greenhouses. Their main concern was the lower amount of photosynthetically active radiation (DLI) mainly in the winter days, which negatively impacted plant growth, development, crop quality and yield. With the help of Food Autonomy’s professional plant growlights, the company wished to attain a balanced supply of products all year round to meet the increasing customer demand.

The solution

The Double Flexi-Grow Toplight of Food Autonomy with its proven light recipe and perfect light distribution, proved to be the ultimate answer to the customer’s needs.

The lighting fixture was customized according to the demands of Hód-Tomato Kft.: the spectral distribution of the lamps provides optimal light for both plants and people, the special wide beam optics ensure the most uniform light distribution, while the customized brackets helped the simple and stable installation of luminaires. Moreover, the dimmable option of the lamps allows the grower to alter the light intensity depending on the actual needs of the plant, thus maximizing the yield while operating the lighting system in the most energy efficient way.

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The result

The results speak for themselves, as the harvest in the 2021/22 winter season was twice as much in the LED-lit greenhouse (compared to Hód-Tomato Kft.’s other greenhouse growing the same type of crops without artificial lighting), so the customer cannot be any happier.

Besides the increased yield, the plants are looking healthier under the Flexi-Grow Toplights. Thanks to the additional light provided by the LED fixtures the stems of the plants are visibly stronger and have extra side stems as well.

If you have any questions, please contact our specialist:

Anita Zelnik
Senior Product Manager
+36 30 337 5964

Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary

The product

Flexi-Grow  Toplight

Flexi-Grow Toplight

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