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Flexi-Grow Greenhouse Toplight

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The Flexi-Grow Toplight was designed as a replacement for traditional 1000 W High Pressure Sodium Lamps. It has an improved efficacy up to 3.7 μmol/J and uses less than 50% energy. It also light level up to 3780 μmol/s, therefore fewer LED fixtures may be needed to achieve the required PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density). Our toplight modules have standard and special wide beam optics, with which we can ensure the most uniform light distribution for your plants to grow evenly and maximize yield.


  • multi-channel option with wireless dimming
  • flexible spectrum, output and efficiency
  • small size for minimal shading
  • light level up to 3780 μmol/s
  • with fewer luminaires - double the light output of an HPS
  • standard and wide beam option
  • passive cooling
  • simple hanging system for easy installation
  • modular system - 1 or 2 module versions

The WIRELESS DIMMING & MULTI-CHANNEL OPTION provides the following benefits:

  • you can tune, dim or switch off each channel individually or all together
  • considerable cost savings
  • healthy work environment by adding white for improved visibility
  • optimal spectrum throughout the growth cycle
  • ability to control the plants’ shape and nutritional value

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