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The Largest Finnish Tomato Grower, Sven Sigg is Improving Yield and ROI with Food Autonomy LED Fixtures

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The customer

Sven Sigg Ab is Finland’s biggest tomato producer. The company, which plans to expand as much as possible, was founded in 1997 and run by brothers Tommy and Patrik since 2015, who were already growing tomatoes for ten years by then. The assortment of Sven Sigg includes Livento tomatoes and has been expanded in the last couple of years to grow peppers as well. All products being grown are destined for the Finnish market and are sold via a grower cooperative.

The expectations

Sven Sigg was looking for a lighting expert who could help them in the following plan: they wished to save costs, achieving better ROI, meanwhile finding the optimal way of using LED to improve yield.

The solution

Following careful planning, Food Autonomy came up with a lighting plan, tailored to the specific needs of Sven Sigg. All in all, 972 double modules (so 1944) Flexi-Grow Toplights were installed in the greenhouse. This LED solution means more light and lower energy consumption for the customer.

The compact design of the fixtures contributes to minimal shading, while the simple hanging system enables easy installation. Also, the fixtures ensure the most uniform light distribution so plants can grow evenly, and yield is maximized.

The first installation of the fixtures happened around end of 2021 in Närpes, Finland. Even after the short period of use in the first winter period, Sigg’s finding was that the installation contributed to significant cost savings, better efficacy, and improved yield as well.

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I am satisfied with the Food Autonomy Flexi-Grow fixtures that were installed in December 2021. I believe that the use of LED in greenhouses is the future trend and I’m happy that I took this step.
– says Patrik Sigg, founder of the company

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