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Food Autonomy’s LEDs are helping Grinsect make insect farming more effective

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The customer

Besides being one of the most promising agricultural start-ups in Hungary, Grinsect (BSF Systems Kft.) is the only Hungarian company licensed by a government agency to engage in the mass breeding, rearing, and processing of the black soldier fly (BSF) for feed purposes. The company is also involved in developing and automating BSF breeding and processing technology. It strives to produce protein in an environmentally friendly way, leaving as little ecological footprint as possible. The company aims to provide alternative solutions for global and local problems such as the growing environmental pressure of the huge amount of unprocessed organic waste and the protein crisis brought about by changing consumer behaviour.

The expectations

Grinsect has been experimenting with modern lighting solutions to find the appropriate light spectrum and brightness for flies to pair effectively. (When the black soldier fly is farmed under artificial conditions, sunlight must be replaced.) Grinsect knew what nanometres they needed, and they approached Food Autonomy to develop the right light source for them.

The solution

To help the flies pair effectively, a LED-based 200-watt toplight device has been developed and in use at the Grinsect plant for more than a year. The product is available commercially as well.

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So far, our cooperation with Food Autonomy is highly positive; the company is flexible and responds quickly to our requests and feedback. I definitely see an opportunity to work together on further projects in the future,
said Sándor Aszalai (CEO of Grinsect (BSF Systems Kft.)).

The result

"Our experience so far shows that the lamp works very efficiently and precisely, we managed to achieve what we were aiming for, and the outcome of the project is very positive," added Sándor Aszalai. (CEO of Grinsect (BSF Systems Kft.))

Csongrád, Hungar

The product

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