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Flexi-Grow Max Toplight

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The Flexi-Grow Max Toplight with its outstanding PPF reaching up to 4270 μmol/s, and 3.8 umol/J efficacy is the ideal choice for the replacement of the traditional 1000W High Pressure Sodium lamp. Similarity in the mounting and cabling options allow smooth transition from the existing HPS lighting system into LED based solution offered by Food Autonomy.


  • 4-channel & wireless dimming option
  • flexible spectrum, output and efficiency
  • reaches 4.2 µmol/J when dimmed to 50%
  • light level up to 4270 μmol/s
  • fewer luminaires - double the light
  • output of an HPS
  • wide beam - outstanding uniformity
  • up to 1200W

The WIRELESS DIMMING & 4-CHANNEL OPTION provides the following benefits:

  • you can tune, dim or switch off each channel individually or all together
  • considerable cost savings
  • healthy work environment by adding white for improved visibility
  • optimal spectrum throughout the growth cycle
  • ability to control the plants’ shape and nutritional value

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