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LEDFan Toplight with wireless dimming and control on 4 channels

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The LEDFan Greenhouse Toplight (up to 1200 W) has been developed by growers for growers for cultivation of fruits, vegetables and flowers in high tech greenhouses. It is the best one to one replacement for the traditional high pressure sodium lamps (HPS) as it combines the advantages of LED and HPS. With its unique design, LEDFan provides better heat and climate management for your greenhouse.

The LEDFan comes with WIRELESS DIMMING & 4-CHANNEL OPTION and the following benefits:

  • you can tune, dim or switch off each channel individually or all together
  • considerable cost savings on lighting and heating
  • healthy work environment (by adding white)
  • optimal spectrum throughout the growth cycle
  • ability to control the plants’ shape and nutritional value

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Developed by growers for growers

The LEDFan was co-developed with Lans Group, one of the largest tomato growers in the Netherlands.

Key benefits of LEDFan

High luminous efficiacy
Luminous efficacy up to 3.8 umol/J
Unlimited spectral variations
Unlimited spectral variations
Controllable light intensity
Controllable light intensity
Energy efficiency
PPF up to 4300 ┬Ámol/s
Long lifetime
Long lifetime
Stimulates evaporation
Stimulates evaporation
Uniform illumination
High uniformity
Adjustable fan speed

LEDFan combines the advantages of LED and HPS


Cold air is drawn from the top, warmed up by the heat loss of the LED and drivers


The warm air lowers humidity and stimulates evaporation, which improves the photosynthesis


Meanwhile, it ensures that screens and windows can be further closed, which result in lower energy usage


  • Long lifetime
  • High efficiency
  • Good working conditions through 8% green (if desired)


  • Stimulates evaporation
  • Brings in extra heat


  • Better working conditions
  • Reduced heating and lighting cost
  • Improved evaporation
  • Optimal light for people and plants
LEDFan Lans

LEDFan: lighting the way to a better tomorrow

- Dutch tomato giant Lans Group reduces energy costs by installing LEDFan toplights on 27 hectares

LEDFan, a toplight developed jointly by Lans Group and Food Autonomy, is built on the concept of reducing heat loss as much as possible. This revolutionary toplight, which has been nominated for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2023 and the Horticontact Innovation Award 2023 utilizes the heat generated by the LEDs and directs it downwards, towards the crop, forming a warm air blanket at the top of the plants. This works as an invisible energy screen and the warm air lowers humidity while stimulating evaporation, which in turn leads to a better photosynthesis.

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